Slideshow for #yfinnovate: Reciprocal Stress and Learning

Hi Everyone!  Sorry for the delay in getting this up online.  A certain four year old had her first ever kid birthday party on Saturday.

Thanks to everyone who came to the talks on Friday.  For those who missed the math anxiety talk, I will be speaking again at the ATMNE conference in Manchester on Friday the 21st at 1PM.  Here is the powerpoint for Reciprocal Stress and Learning.  I’m sorry that there wasn’t more time to discuss growth mindset language at the conference.  For those who are interested, we can offer a roundtable discussion of how to incorporate growth mindset into your lessons at our classroom in Freeport.  Just email for details.

#yfinnovate Reciprocal Stress and Learning Affect Academics

And for those who asked about what was covered last May, the slideshow for that is online at

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