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Do you take insurance?
My child has already had an evaluation at school. Will s/he still need an evaluation with you?
Do you want copies of previous testing?
I just want my child to get some tutoring. Do we still need an evaluation?
I don’t really understand the difference between educational therapy and tutoring. Can you elaborate?
How does Affect Academics differ from a tutoring service?
What is an Educational Therapist?
What are my options if I cannot afford educational therapy?
Do you ever see children in their own homes?
Does my child need an evaluation to receive SAT tutoring?
Does my child need a tutor or something more?
What is Universal Design for Learning?
What is the Mind, Brain, and Education Program at Harvard and why is it important?
What is a Learning Intervention?
What is Educational Neuroscience?
What is strengths-based teaching and why is it important?
Does anxiety really affect learning?
What role does emotion play in learning?
What kind of outcomes for my child can I realistically expect?
Is Educational Therapy tax-deductible?
I have other questions that aren’t covered here. What are my next steps?
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