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Learning Programs and Workshops for Teachers, Parents, and Students

Affect Academics helps teachers, educators, and parents meet a wider range of student needs through comprehensive professional development programs and public presentations. Using the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework as a base, Cristina Post, EdM, ET, combines her expertise in teaching with her knowledge of leading-edge cognitive research to provide teacher and faculty workshops, teacher mentoring, and user-friendly programs for parents and students.
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Professional Development for Educators

Keeping up with the latest research is often a challenge for educators. With a Master’s degree in Mind, Brain, and Education from Harvard University, Affect Academics’ Cristina Post is up-to-date on the latest in educational neuroscience and strengths-based teaching. As an adjunct professor at Fitchburg State University in Massachusetts, she facilitated a graduate-level course for public school teachers on Universal Design for Learning.

Professional Development Topics

Individual Mentoring and Training for Teachers

Studies show that more than 90% of elementary and middle school teachers suffer from some degree of math anxiety, resulting in teachers modeling math avoidance and anxiety to children and spending fewer hours actually teaching math.

  • Learn about research that can help break the cycle of math anxiety and stereotype threat
  • Benefit from classroom observation and compassionate lesson critique
  • Receive training and support for staging school-wide interventions

Presentations on Mind, Brain, and Education

Cristina Post, EdM, ET is an experienced math and science teacher and the only certified educational therapist in the state of Maine. Cristina is also an experienced public speaker who presents on a wide range of interrelated topics:

  • Stress and learning
  • Math anxiety
  • Neurodiversity
  • UDL classroom strategies
  • Mindfulness in education
  • Early reading development
  • Teaching students with ADHD
  • Other topics related to the mind, brain, and education
Recent & Upcoming EventsTestimonials from Educators & Health ProfessionalsToo Afraid to Learn (free manual)

Recent Presentations by Cristina Post

  • Willowind Therapeutic Riding Stables: Harnessing Positive Emotion in Equine Therapy
  • Association of Teachers of Math in Maine Spring Conference: UDL in Math Learning
  • Association of Teachers of Math in New England Annual Conference: Anxiety and Threat in Math Learning
  • YFinnovate: Emotion and Cognition – Applied research in high schools
  • Falmouth High School: Reimagining High School – Stress and Learning
  • Mind, Brain, and Education Conference at Harvard Graduate School of Education: Affect in Learning
  • Maine Coast Waldorf School: Sleep and Cognition
  • Association of Teachers of Math in Maine: Math Anxiety
  • Maine Coast Waldorf School: Neuroscience and Waldorf Education
  • Greely High School: The Effect of Drugs on the Brain

Upcoming Presentations by Cristina Post

  • 10/26/17—Seacoast Waldorf School: Neuroscience and Waldorf Education public talk
  • 10/28/17—Maine Coast Waldorf School: Neurodiversity
  • 11/3/17—Association of Teachers of Math in New England Annual Conference: Anxiety and Threat in Math Learning AND Mindfulness in Math Learning

Words of praise for Cristina Post

“After 29 years in the classroom, I am continually looking for specific strategies and ideas to add to my instructional planning … Cristina provided that and then some. I truly appreciated her knowledge and guidance.”

“I have been thoroughly impressed with Cristina's ability to apply research and knowledge with sensitivity and practical strategies to help alleviate barriers that inhibit students’ understanding of math.”

“Cristina is a thoughtful and well-informed expert in the area of mind, brain, and education with particular expertise in numeracy and pedagogy. While at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, I found her work to be authentically concerned with applying the latest knowledge to real world settings and to working with children to improve their educational experiences and outcomes.”

“Cristina has a real gift for helping students understand math concepts and for making them feel comfortable and competent in their work. She has a sense of humor and connects very well with young people.”

"Cristina Post was inspiring to me, and taught me ways to reach each individual student in a whole-class setting.  She gets right to the heart of how each child learns. Her sense of humor and interest in teaching put both child and parent at ease."

"I feel that the guest speaker was exceptional. This research and her strategies come as a relief. I feel a bit more informed and empowered to chip away at making learning possible for my students that yield academic gains... I do hope Cristina is able to join us for expansion topics in the future."

"Recently, I attended a wellness workshop presented by Cristina Post which was sponsored by our school system. As cliche as it sounds, Cristina had all of us hooked immediately with her packed and informative introduction.  She is engaging, to say the least, but combine that fact with her impressive credentials, and what we experienced that day was a very quick afternoon, which we all wished could have lasted longer regardless of our teaching discipline. ...

Cristina’s work with the mind, body, brain, and mindfulness connections is cutting edge, well backed up with hard science, and presented in a way that even hard core nay-sayers will listen. I recommend her highly for any demographic and age group, but especially teachers, who have the opportunity to share this information with many young people everyday, possibly affecting them for a lifetime. I can’t wait to hear her again!"

Free Download of Too Afraid to Learn by Cristina Post

Cristina’s research on the role of anxiety in math learning led her to write Too Afraid to Learn: The Role of Math Anxiety in Cognition and What You Can Do about It for teachers and parents who want to understand the mechanisms by which math anxiety can affect learning and how Affect Academics can help.

→ Download Too Afraid to Learn by Cristina Post (PDF)

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