Universal Design for Learning in Math

Well, I’m writing another blog post, so must be I have some slides to post from a conference.  Today’s conference is up in Northport, ME, the annual meeting of the Association of Teachers of Math in Maine.  When I signed up, somehow I blissfully ignored the fact that it was an hour and a half away from me, and I have a nursing babe.  So, I’ll be going up a bit late and leaving a bit early.

This talk is the VERY condensed version of a semester-long graduate course that I used to teach for CAST.org: UDL 101 – Math.  If you are interested in learning more after today’s brief intro, please contact info@affectacademics.com to have a workshop set up for your school district, or you can sign up to take the semester-long course individually through CAST.

Here’s the slides: ATOMIM Spring 2017 UDL and Math – enjoy your day!

#ATMNE16 and the interconnectedness of life

Interconnectedness, my spellcheck informs me incorrectly, is not a word.  And yet, lately my life seems to be not a tangled web, but a patterned weaving that any spider would be proud of.  I am married and have two daughters because one woman advised the administration that my beloved school in Downeast Maine should be . . . → Read More: #ATMNE16 and the interconnectedness of life

Slideshow for #yfinnovate: Reciprocal Stress and Learning

Hi Everyone!  Sorry for the delay in getting this up online.  A certain four year old had her first ever kid birthday party on Saturday.

Thanks to everyone who came to the talks on Friday.  For those who missed the math anxiety talk, I will be speaking again at the ATMNE conference in Manchester on . . . → Read More: Slideshow for #yfinnovate: Reciprocal Stress and Learning

Slideshow for #yfinnovate: Math Anxiety, Stereotype Threat, and Cognition

Anyone who knows me knows that I can talk for a zillion hours about the negative effects of math anxiety and stereotype threat.  However, when I work with schools, the feeling is that only math teachers would or should be interested in the topic.  I passionately disagree.  We should all care that 93% of our . . . → Read More: Slideshow for #yfinnovate: Math Anxiety, Stereotype Threat, and Cognition

Growth Mindset is Everywhere!

So, I’m on my 7th week of maternity leave. I write a lot in my head, but very rarely on paper these days. I hate typing one handed, and I’m always holding some child or another.

One thing I’ve been meaning to do for a long time is to add a section to the website . . . → Read More: Growth Mindset is Everywhere!

Presenting on the Affect Effect at Falmouth High School

Today was so. much. fun.  I spoke at Falmouth High School on the role of emotion (the affective network in the brain, hence why I am always talking about the affect effect) in cognition.  I promised to post the slides, so here they are.  You can also follow us on Facebook for relevant lay articles.  . . . → Read More: Presenting on the Affect Effect at Falmouth High School