Universal Design for Learning in Math

Well, I’m writing another blog post, so must be I have some slides to post from a conference.  Today’s conference is up in Northport, ME, the annual meeting of the Association of Teachers of Math in Maine.  When I signed up, somehow I blissfully ignored the fact that it was an hour and a half away from me, and I have a nursing babe.  So, I’ll be going up a bit late and leaving a bit early.

This talk is the VERY condensed version of a semester-long graduate course that I used to teach for CAST.org: UDL 101 – Math.  If you are interested in learning more after today’s brief intro, please contact info@affectacademics.com to have a workshop set up for your school district, or you can sign up to take the semester-long course individually through CAST.

Here’s the slides: ATOMIM Spring 2017 UDL and Math – enjoy your day!

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