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Universal Design for LearningGrowth Mindset

→ Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Affect Academics uses the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in designing every learning intervention. Rather than considering children as having deficits and disabilities, UDL locates the source of the problem in an inflexible curriculum. By following the UDL Guidelines, teachers can modify any curriculum to meet all children.

→ Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST)

The UDL Guidelines were developed by CAST, a center that integrates cognitive science research with educational practice. CAST createsresources and training materials for teachers, and Cristina taught their graduate course on UDL to Massachusetts public school teachers for six semesters.



All teaching at Affect Academics fosters a growth mindset, the proven neurological reality that hard work can improve intelligence. Most students come to Affect Academics with a fixed mindset, the idea that we are either born smart or not smart. Not only not true, a fixed mindset causes students to take fewer academic risks and creates high levels of anxiety. By shifting students to a growth mindset and simultaneously providing academic support, students begin to make huge gains.

Educational TherapyToo Afraid to Learn (free manual)

→ (Educational Therapy Defined)

→ (Difference between Educational Therapy and Tutoring)

Educational therapy is a relatively new field that redefines academic support for students. While tutoring simply provides content, educational therapists have extensive training in learning and development, as well as the role of emotion in learning. Educational therapists create a supportive environment with learning interventions that are specifically designed for your child. All students at Affect Academics begin with an evaluative set of sessions with certified educational therapist Cristina Post. We then collaborate with parents to create an individualized support plan moving forward.

→ Download Too Afraid to Learn by Cristina Post (PDF)

Integrated into all work at Affect Academics are positive coping strategies for the stressors that children encounter in school. Affect Academics was founded as MathAffect, due to Cristina’s research on the role of anxiety in math learning. Since then we have grown and expanded, as has our free manual, Too Afraid to Learn: The role of math anxiety in cognition and what you can do about it, for teachers and parents who want to understand the mechanisms by which math anxiety can affect learning, and how Affect Academics can help.

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