Words of Praise for the Affect Academics team from real parents, students, teachers, and health professionals.

Words of Praise for the Affect Academics team from real parents, students, teachers, and health professionals.

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“There is a real art to teaching Math, especially to children who have decided it is ‘not their thing.’ Cristina has figured out that art. She is someone who combines deep knowledge, enthusiasm, and perseverance to help children master mathematics. Her confidence is contagious and helps the children gain these skills that they may otherwise struggle with for a lifetime.”

“Cristina is a wonderful, creative teacher who appreciated my child's math ability as well as his personality and guided him through several years of math instruction. Thanks largely to her insight and skill, he tests very highly in math and, more importantly, enjoys the subject.”

“Cristina is enthusiastic about Math. She brings the subject to the students in a way that meets their level of understanding and then elevates it. Her knowledge of how students learn, and her wonderful personal demeanor, make her expertise and enthusiasm for Math infectious.”

“As a teacher, Cristina Post stands head and shoulders above the crowd. Yes, she is well-credentialed, energetic, off-the-charts intelligent, and has a brilliant sense of humor. But here’s the best thing: the kids absolutely love her. When my children were under Cristina Post’s tutelage, I knew they were in excellent hands. I was confident that there was no better person to understand them, instruct them, and inspire them. Which is exactly what she did. She not only advised and guided my children, she advised and guided me to be a better parent to them. Her impact on our family has been profound and we will always be grateful to her for the positive changes she has brought to us.”

“At the end of a summer with Cristina and at the start of third grade, my son took a test to assess his math ability. When the results were in, his homeroom teacher said, ‘Knowing what his struggles were (last year) I would have expected a lower score. His score tells me he has some real computation skills, higher than many of his classmates.’ My son still has many challenges in relation to numbers, but his time with Cristina can be assessed with measureable improvement on test scores, as well as general confidence in the classroom. She makes math engaging, fun, and filled with movement.”

“Cristina was a joy to work with. She not only worked to meet my daughter where she was, but she also went above and beyond the role of tutor by sharing her knowledge of child development with me, the parent. I felt like we were a team!”

“In spite of a good attitude and work ethic, my daughter was still falling behind. Teachers and other tutors could not give us any answers. Cristina's clarity and certainty is a saving grace. With Cristina, we have a clear plan forward and a sense of hope. She can identify and name my daughter's real struggles and articulate the strengths I couldn't see. Not only does Cristina know her stuff, she is also one heck of a cheerleader!”

“Cristina is able to combine her high expectations with a supportive teaching style that brings out the best from her students. If I had more kids, I'd wish for them to experience Cristina as a teacher.”

“Cristina Post has been a godsend for my child and family. When our son struggled with school, we met with his teachers and took him for formal educational testing. But those results just didn’t make sense to us or leave us with a plan. Thank goodness we found Ms. Post! She reviewed all the testing, met with us to hear our own observations and concerns, and evaluated our son herself. After just a few sessions, we started to see real improvements in his ability, confidence, and excitement to learn. It was as if she found a hidden key to unlock his full potential. Ms. Post has helped us as an educator, diagnostician, advocate, and ally. I don’t know what we would do without her.”

"Please consider giving your math stressed child the opportunity to bask in the enthusiastic positive glow of Cristina Post's tutelage. It can be life changing."

"Most kids would prefer not to spend any extra time going to a tutor, and most parents would prefer not to spend the money, but Cristina is so efficient and effective that it is obvious how valuable her service is. And it is that very efficiency that she passes on to her students."

"Cristina is great at making what is a difficult subject for many kids accessible and fun. She has helped our daughter gain confidence and skills where she was once frustrated and anxious."

"Cristina is a rare find. She has deep knowledge of math, having taught math for many years and seems to love and know math well. She also has insights into students with unique learning needs, much experience teaching a wide range of students with varying math skill levels, special insights into the work of the math brain, a focus on affect and undoing math inhibitions, and patience and creativity in her instruction. She is an extremely gifted math tutor!"

"In just a short time, our work with Cristina Post has helped set us on a clear path with solutions for our child. We feel like we may have found a missing puzzle piece that completes a picture that we never quite understood. We highly recommend this thoughtful, comprehensive approach to working with children struggling with math or general anxiety."

“(Ms. Post) was the best math tutor ever. She was like the best teacher ever. I mean, other teachers tried hard, but Ms. Post was amazing at teaching math. When she saw I wasn’t doing well in math, she had me doing tutoring after school, and those were the first times I enjoyed doing math. She presented it in a good way.”

“Without (Ms. Post’s) careful guidance and instruction I would not be any major at college; I would not have chosen an academic career. I liked Ms. Post’s teaching style. I liked how she met every student on an individual level, with humor and understanding. And she had confidence in her students’ abilities to succeed academically.”

“(Ms. Post) made things fun. She made basic math fun. She was very accommodating and understanding.“

"Before I started working with Sara, I doubted that math would ever become something I truly understood. Sara develops a tutoring style specific to your needs to make math not only comprehensible, but also entertaining and enjoyable."

"Sara was hands down the best tutor I have ever worked with. I was struggling with second semester Algebra II Honors and was very discouraged by the lack of help I was receiving from my actual teacher. I made the choice to go to Sara and work with her 3 times a week. I began to grow an immense sense of confidence in my ability to be an independent worker. With Sara's help I transformed as a math student! Sara was so incredibly supportive, encouraging, and caring. She made sure to keep me focused on my work but we always managed to laugh and smile while doing it."

“After 29 years in the classroom, I am continually looking for specific strategies and ideas to add to my instructional planning … Cristina provided that and then some. I truly appreciated her knowledge and guidance.”

“I have been thoroughly impressed with Cristina's ability to apply research and knowledge with sensitivity and practical strategies to help alleviate barriers that inhibit students’ understanding of math.”

“Cristina is a thoughtful and well-informed expert in the area of mind, brain, and education with particular expertise in numeracy and pedagogy. While at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, I found her work to be authentically concerned with applying the latest knowledge to real world settings and to working with children to improve their educational experiences and outcomes.”

“Cristina has a real gift for helping students understand math concepts and for making them feel comfortable and competent in their work. She has a sense of humor and connects very well with young people.”

"Cristina Post was inspiring to me, and taught me ways to reach each individual student in a whole-class setting.  She gets right to the heart of how each child learns. Her sense of humor and interest in teaching put both child and parent at ease."

"I feel that the guest speaker was exceptional. This research and her strategies come as a relief. I feel a bit more informed and empowered to chip away at making learning possible for my students that yield academic gains... I do hope Cristina is able to join us for expansion topics in the future."

"Recently, I attended a wellness workshop presented by Cristina Post which was sponsored by our school system. As cliche as it sounds, Cristina had all of us hooked immediately with her packed and informative introduction.  She is engaging, to say the least, but combine that fact with her impressive credentials, and what we experienced that day was a very quick afternoon, which we all wished could have lasted longer regardless of our teaching discipline. ...

Cristina’s work with the mind, body, brain, and mindfulness connections is cutting edge, well backed up with hard science, and presented in a way that even hard core nay-sayers will listen. I recommend her highly for any demographic and age group, but especially teachers, who have the opportunity to share this information with many young people everyday, possibly affecting them for a lifetime. I can’t wait to hear her again!"

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